In Search Of Kate
title: In Search Of Kate
author: nimcalzon
rating: pg
pairing: Helen/Kate
words: ~ 1188
Summary: Kate returns 3 weeks after she goes missing
A/N: This didn't really turn out as good as i thought it would be, the version in my head was way better.
Disclamer: i don't own anything.

Kate Freelander loved going on solo missions although sometimes she hated it, especially when it was her third solo mission of the week and all she wanted to do was spend time with Magnus.

Kate had tried everything to get out of going, she'd even resorted to whining but Magnus had just said "Even though your whining is adorable, it's not going to work. I know we were supposed to spend time together but this will only take a couple of hours and then you’re free and I promise we’ll do whatever you want when you get back” Kate had opened her mouth to speak but Magnus seemed to know what she would say and simply said “Henry is upgrading the security system, Will and Declan are with the new intakes and Big Guy is... actually I haven’t the faintest idea where he is” Kate had sighed and given in and asked to know what they knew about the abnormal.

Kate had geared up while Magnus told her what they knew about the abnormal, although Kate knew that Magnus was actually watching her, she often did when Kate was sent on solo mission and she didn’t know why; she made a mental note to ask Magnus when she got back.

Kate had been told that the abnormal wasn’t dangerous and she was pretty sure Magnus had been wrong; the damn thing was quick and really didn’t like it when Kate had tried to catch it. Kate had thought the stunner would work the first time but she had been wrong and had just pissed the creature off, it had hurt when it knocked to her to the ground, there wasn’t much she could really do except catch the stupid thing so she could go home.

Kate was on her way back to where she’d left the car and thinking about how she could spend the afternoon with Magnus when something heavy smacked her around the back of the head and everything went black.

The pounding of Kate’s head made her open her eyes and she had regretted it immediately, the light made her head pound even more, to make matters worse she had no idea where she was or how long she had been there for. Kate grunted in pain when someone punched her in the stomach and she passed out again, she wasn’t sure how long it went on for, someone really had a grudge against her and wanted to hurt her and whoever it was did hurt her, they shot her in the leg and Kate was glad that she hadn’t been conscious when that had happened.
The only thing that kept Kate going through the whole thing was going home; she’d hope she would get to see Magnus again, she knew she would see Magnus again.

Henry was in the lab trying to come up with a name for a new intake when the radio on his desk crackled into life, he stopped and eyed it suspiciously, nobody was out in the field, nobody except Kate who they still hadn’t found despite Magnus’ demands that they find her.

Henry paused in the doorway to Magnus' office, he wasn't sure if telling her about the radio was a good idea, maybe he should have spoken to Will about it first but it was too late now Magnus had seen him. “Henry, What is it?” Magnus asked wearily, she had been staring at a grainy image on her computer screen. “Good news, i think” Henry pointed to the radio in his hand, “About an hour ago this radio let out a burst of static, now i checked all the radios are accounted for except for the one Kate was using, i traced the signal but its all over the place and can't get a fix and there's also that” he said pointing to the grainy image Magnus had just been looking at, he pulled up the same image he'd enhanced and cleaned up just before going to see her. “Whoa” Will had joined them and was staring at the image, Magnus remained silent waiting for Henry to go on, he pulled up the video the image had come from. Magnus watched the video silently she was feeling guilty that she had sent Kate on a solo mission in the first place.

Will watched with his head tilted to the side, in the video Kate moved slowly using the wall for support, she slid down the wall and sat, gun held loosely in one hand, she took a deep breath to steady her nerves and started coughing.

Will looked silently at Henry who turned the video off, Magnus stood up, picked up her gun and turned to Will, “What did you see, Will?” Magnus asked quietly, Will sighed and wondered why he had to be so observant “I saw Kate, she's scared, alone and injured i don't know how bad, but from what i saw she's been shot” Magnus looked angry and annoyed more at herself than anyone. “We find her now” Magnus ordered.

Kate had managed to get her breath back after her coughing fit and she knew that coughing up blood was not a good sign, out of the corner of her eye she saw movement and reacted instantly and pointed her gun in that direction. Kate relaxed when she realised it was a security camera. Kate's mind was foggy but she knew that security cameras meant that everything that was recorded got sent to The Sanctuary.
The video had been turned off early and so they hadn't seen Kate leave a message on the wall that just said “HOME” Kate had gathered what was left of her energy and started in the direction of The Sanctuary.

Magnus was determined to find Kate, she opened the front door of The Sanctuary only to have a bloody and bruised Kate Freelander fall in the door. Magnus caught her in her arms before she hit the floor, laying her gently on the ground Magnus called for anyone to come help her “Kate” Magnus called sofly trying to get Kate to open her eyes, Kate's eyes opened and than closed again “Magnus” was all she said before she passed out.

Magnus was completly exhausted, she knew she needed to sleep but she couldn't not until she knew Kate was out of surgery and was going to survive, Will had forced Magnus out of the operating room, telling her that she was exhausted and that Kate would be in good hands with himself and The Big Guy looking after her. Magnus paced the corrider, she needed to know Kate was alright but everytime she had tried to go into the room Henry had stopped her, he watched her now as she paced up and down “Magnus, Kate's strong she'll get through this” Henry wish he knew what else to say.

Magnus blamed herself and she told Henry so as he took her in his arms and comforted her as Will and The Big Guy took care of Kate.
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Losing Kate
title: Losing Kate
author: nimcalzon
rating: pg
pairing: Helen/Kate
words: ~ 566

Summary: Kate goes missing after Magnus sends her on a solo mission.

A/N: This is my first Sanctuary fanfic that i have written

Helen Magnus was exhausted, she hadn't slept in almost a week and she wasn’t planning to sleep anytime soon not until Kate had been found.

Magnus had sent Kate on her third solo mission that week; Kate’s objective was to capture an abnormal that had been terrorizing the locals, Magnus hadn’t considered the abnormal dangerous and had sent Kate along with strict instructions to keep in contact and call for help if she needed.

Almost a week had passed since then, the abnormal had arrived at The Sanctuary but Kate had not been with it. Magnus had asked Henry to pull up the footage of the area where Kate had caught the abnormal and together they had gone through the footage looking for anything out of the ordinary that could have stopped Kate from coming back with the abnormal.

Magnus had gone through the footage half a dozen times already and still had found nothing that would explain why Kate hadn’t returned; watching the footage again Magnus took note of how the creature reacted when Kate had captured it, it had gotten angry and it apparently didn’t like being shot at with a stunner. Magnus continued to watch the footage but still saw no reason why Kate hadn’t returned, the creature hadn’t injured Kate in any way that Magnus could see. It had knocked her to the ground but Kate had gotten straight back up.

Will had been searching the city for Kate and getting any information he could from their contacts which wasn’t much and he was beginning to get frustrated with their lack of progress at finding Kate, he knew Magnus was taking it especially hard, Will could see that she was blaming herself.

Will and the rest of the team knew how much Magnus loved Kate, their relationship was not a secret and he wasn’t sure if Magnus would take the news well that they still hadn’t found Kate. “Magnus” Will said as he stepped into her office, Magnus looked up from the security footage of the surrounding area of where Kate had caught the abnormal. Will noticed how tired Magnus looked, “Will have you found her?” Magnus asked hopefully, “Magnus, I’m sorry we can’t find her, we’ve searched the whole city”

Magnus stood up “Find her William” Will sighed, “We’ve looked Magnus, there is no sign of her” Magnus walked around her desk to stand in front of Will “Kate is out there; I know she is and she could be injured for all we know...” “Magnus, you have to stop this” “Do NOT tell me to stop looking for her, she is not dead, she is alive and we’re going to find her, Tell Henry and Declan to gear up, we’re going out to look for Kate again” Magnus turned her back on Will telling him their conversation was over. Will started to argue but gave up there was no point when Magnus had her mind set on something you couldn’t change it, he sighed and left her office in search of Henry and Declan.

Magnus walked to the window and looked out across The Sanctuary grounds, Kate was out there somewhere and she was going to find her. “Where are you, Kate?” She murmured, Magnus leaned her forehead against the cool glass “Please come home, Kate” She whispered before she turned to go out and search for her once more.

Double Date: Getting Smashley Simpson on a Double Date
Fandom: Whip It
Rating: PG (i think)
Pairing: Smashley Simpson/Maggie Mayhem, Iron Maven/Babe Ruthless
Disclaimer: i don't own them
A/N: I've been working on this one for quite a while, even though it is short. In my head it seems that Smashley Simpson does not like Babe Ruthless.
I'm pretty sure that there will be another one or two parts to this but we'll see.


I slammed my locker closed and leaned my forehead against the cool metal, practice was over for the day it had gone well other than a minor incident that didn't get out of hand thanks to you who stopped me from trying to attack Babe Ruthless after she got in my way.

“Great practice today, don't you think it was a great practice” Ruthless bounced into the locker room, I ignored her hoping she would get the hint and go annoy someone else, “That new play Razor showed us was pretty awesome don't you think Smashley, oh hey what was with the look you gave me out on the track before Maggie pulled you away” I never got a chance to answer because Ruthless just kept on talking. “I really think we can beat the Fight Attendants this weekend especially with the new play, I'm really looking forward to tonight, are you looking forward to tonight?” I lifted my head from my locker “What are you talking about?” “You don't know, oh hey look there's Maven gotta go” Ruthless bounced off out the door past you and jumped into Maven's arms, you watched Ruthless jump into Maven's arms before you turned to me, “Maggie, what's tonight?”

“When were you going to tell me?” I asked you as you followed me into the bedroom, “I just did, Come on Frankie it's not that big a deal” “I'm not going out on a double date with Ruthless and Maven” I replied kicking off my boots and laying back on the bed, You gave me a look that you usually save for Riley when he's playing the rebellious card, “Don't give me that look, by the way where's Riley?” You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, “At a friend's house, don't change the subject and your going” “I'm not going, you can go, I’ll stay here” You poked your head out of the bathroom, “Don't argue, your going, now get ready” Somehow you convinced me to go, I'm not sure what it was that got me to go, maybe it was you walking out of the bathroom in your black leather pants, your black tank top and your leather jacket but whatever it was it sure got me off my ass.

“Why are we doing this whole double date thing?” I asked as I followed you into the restaurant where we were meeting Maven and Ruthless, “Because I promised Maven we would, please behave tonight” You answered, I stopped just inside the restaurant “I always behave” I replied. You gave me another look before you looked around, grabbed my hand and pulled me into a quiet corner.

“Babe, I know your not a big fan of Ruthless and I know you two don't really agree on much but Maven is our friend” I rolled my eyes, “What has that got to do with me behaving?” You crossed your arms again and I wondered briefly if you ever grew tired of crossing your arms because of me. “If you don't behave and get along with Ruthless tonight for my sake and for Maven's than..........” you whispered the rest into my ear, “That's not fair!” I said eyes wide, “Life's not fair and I swear I will do it if you don't behave, now come on Maven and Ruthless are waiting for us” You pulled me out of the corner and over to the table and somehow I knew if I didn't behave you would stay true to your word and I'd be in the dog house for a long time.

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The day Maggie Mayhem really fell in love with Smashley Simpson
Fandom: Whip It
Rating: PG (i think)
Pairing: Smashley Simpson/Maggie Mayhem, mentions Iron Maven/Babe Ruthless
Disclaimer: i don't own them
A/N: I had originally called this story Sex, Drugs and Roller Derby, but than i decided to change it cause i took out the sex scene that i was planning to write cause it sounded way too porny in my head.
A/N2:i didn't plan on making Razor sound like a bastard that just sort of happened and the whole thing with Maven/Ruthless just happened as well. Once my fingers get going on the keyboard they have a mind of their own, so blame the fingers.


I remember the day I fell in love with you or should I say I stopped falling and fell hard for you. I remember like it was yesterday, because really how can I ever forget the day I fell in love with you?

It was just an ordinary day, I took Riley to school, did what I had to do while I was out, came home you were still sleeping, before I left the room to let you sleep some more, I leaned against the doorjamb and watched you sleep, I think you know that I like to watch you sleep just like I know that you like to watch me sleep.

I left you to sleep for a bit longer since we had a few hours before we had to go to The Warehouse for practice. I plopped down on the couch, propped my feet up on the end of the couch, rested my hands behind my head and stared up at the ceiling. I was concentrating on the ceiling so hard that I didn't hear you approach, well that's what you always say when you tell this story.

I didn't see you until you were standing right in front of me, dressed in a pair of short shorts that showed off your legs and tank top. You stretched before you laid down on the couch beside me and wrapped an arm around my waist before you kissed me good morning and laid your head on my shoulder, “What did Maven want last night?” I asked, Iron Maven had asked you to meet her after practice last night at one of the TXRD haunts.

“Nothing really, she just wanted to talk about Ruthless and how she kicked Maven out again” “Again, that's like the second time this month” You shrugged “I think they do it just so they can have make up sex” “That doesn't surprise me” I muttered, Maven and Ruthless were always at each others throats literally if they weren't making out they were arguing about who was the better jammer or trying to out do each other or whatever, but when they'd had enough of the arguing they'd sneak off to some private spot and do god knows what to each other.

During practice while the team was having a break, I watched as you and Razor had an argument. I'm not sure what you were arguing about but from the little snippets that I heard Razor was on your case again about you being late, high or drunk and whatever else I didn't hear. You must have finally had enough, you looked angry, pushed Razor away from you and told him that you were quitting the team and skated off in the direction of the locker room.

The team stopped what they were doing, even Maven and Ruthless stopped groping each other, Razor looked at me pointed in the direction that you had disappeared in and told me to go deal with you. I glared at Razor on my way past.

I skated into the locker room and grabbed your hand, stopping you from hitting your locker, which was a good thing because going by the dent in your locker door you'd already hit it a couple of times. I pulled you to me and wrapped my arms around you “I quit” you said “I heard, what did he say to you?” I asked quietly, you told me Razor had told you that you were nothing but a pot head and so on, before you burst into tears which surprised me because you never cry and the fact that Razor made you cry and said those things to you just made me mad.

I told you I'd be right back, but you quickly wiped your tears away and followed me out of the locker room, I stopped in front of Razor and stood with my hands on my hips “About time, is she ready to practice because she'd better be” “Your an asshole” I said to Razor and punched him in the jaw, “That's for being an asshole” I hit him again “That's for telling my girlfriend she's not good enough for me” I flexed my fingers because that one had actually hurt, “Alright, alright, I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that stuff, please stop hitting me” Razor pleaded, You stepped up beside me and before I could stop you, you hit Razor in the jaw “That's for making me cry, now lets practice” you skated off and I helped Razor to his feet, “You ever say that stuff to her again and I will kick your ass” I skated off after you.

The day you cried and than hit Razor for making you cry was the day that I, Maggie Mayhem really fell in love with you, Smashley Simpson.

Rising Waters chapter 8b
Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia, Doris/Blake, Ashlee/Daisy, Dinah/Sister Ann, Emma Spencer/Clarissa Marler-
Rating: Chapter=PG-13/Overall=NC-17

Disclaimers: The characters of Natalia Rivera and Olivia Spencer and other characters of ‘Guiding Light’ are owned by P&G and controlled by Telenext/CBS and no copyright infringement is intended.

A/N: Howdy folks, its been a while since my last post, anyway i'm back with part b, which is the final part of this chapter, i had planned to stop writing this fic but i haven't.


Natalia sat in the park watching Tex, her black and white Great Dane lope around the park with Tulsa, her Australian Shepard, while the newest member of the family, a boxer puppy that had yet to be named watched from the safety of Natalia's lap. Olivia had sat down beside Natalia, but neither of them had spoken both content to watch the dogs run around the park.

“I was scared, I left because I was scared, I shouldn't have left you or Lexie, but we were fighting all the time over Emma and Lexie, over stupid little things and I thought if I left it would make it easier, I'm sorry, can you forgive me?” Olivia asked hoping that Natalia would accept her apology, even though it wasn't perfect.

“I forgave you when you came back, Olivia, I forgive you because I love you, besides I kinda figured you'd have to come back” Natalia said hiding a small smirk, “How did you figure that out?” Olivia was startled when the pup in Natalia's lap jumped into her own, “She likes you” Natalia murmured, “Besides I knew you would come back eventually because you left all your stuff at the farmhouse and you know there's The Beacon” Natalia replied as she watched the dog jump from Olivia's lap and run across the park.

Olivia wasn't one to babble, but as soon as she opened her mouth to speak words just tumbled over each other as though it was a race to be the first out of her mouth. Everything, from seeing Stevie's tiger tattoo to kissing her spilled out, Olivia just kept babbling on and on and on, Natalia leaned forward, Olivia continued to babble until Natalia kissed her, “Olivia” Natalia said pulling back so that their lips were just touching “mmmhmmm?” Olivia murmured, “Be quiet” Natalia said before she kissed Olivia again.

Their kiss was interrupted by Doris walking past muttering about women, nuns and lesbian drama, they watched as she walked past “What's got her all worked up?” Olivia wondered, Natalia shrugged and went to kiss Olivia again, only to be stopped by Blake. Natalia sighed “Have you seen Doris?” Olivia pointed in the direction that Doris had disappeared in, “What's got Doris all worked up, she was muttering about nuns and women?” Olivia asked, “Nuns and women are what have her worked up, she just found out that Dinah was using her for sex and wasn't really interested in Doris because she's in a relationship with Sister Ann” Natalia snorted to herself and muttered that she had told Doris that, “Natalia, I don't know what you said to Doris to get her to come back to me, but whatever it was it worked, I'd better go find Doris before she decides to snap at some poor unsuspecting citizen” Blake disappeared in the direction that Doris had gone.

Natalia gave up trying to kiss Olivia, she had a feeling if she went to, someone else would come along and interrupt them, just as the thought left her mind, Clarissa Marler-Spencer plopped down in front of them looking sad. “Clarissa are you ok?” Olivia asked, Clarissa shrugged “Emma's not coming home this weekend and I was really looking forward to seeing her, I miss her” Clarissa sighed and plucked at a blade of grass, “Emma, told me she was when she called me” Olivia replied, “She said that they announced a surprise inspection or something, whatever it doesn't matter, I knew that Emma was going to go away to school when I married her, I'm going to go home” Clarissa stood up, jammed her hands into the pockets of her jeans and walked off kicking a rock in front of her, oblivious to Stevie who jogged past her.

Olivia watched as Clarissa walked away, shoulders slumped, “Natalia, remind me to call Emma”, Natalia nodded “Olivia, you really kissed Stevie?” Natalia asked watching as Stevie stopped not far from them to answer her phone. “Umm, yes, not on purpose though, I mean she was there and I saw her tiger tattoo” “It's ok Olivia, I kissed her too after seeing her snake tattoo, I'm not mad that you kissed her, besides I think she has a girlfriend” Olivia almost gave herself whiplash, “What? You kissed her? When?” Natalia raised an eyebrow at Olivia “Don't get mad at me, it was a while ago, you weren't here, Remember, you took off after our little fight and didn't stick around” Olivia opened her mouth to speak, but Natalia whispered in her ear “if you'd stayed we could have had hot angry make up sex” Olivia's eyes glazed over and she gulped, “Get the dogs, we're leaving” Natalia just smirked and watched as Olivia rounded up the dogs before they left the park.
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Fandom: Whip It
Rating: PG (i think)
Pairing: Smashley Simpson/Maggie Mayhem, mentions Iron Maven/Babe Ruthless
Disclaimer: i don't own them
A/N: my first Whip it fic, written in first person which i never do. This fic came to me one night while i was trying to sleep. Unbeta'd, hope you like it. Smashley POV, Also it's short and most probably a one shot, unless i decide to write one from Maggie's POV.


I've propped myself up on an elbow and I'm watching you sleep, if its possible your even more beautiful when your sleeping. Under the sheet your naked, I know this because I watched you undress, while you undressed I couldn't help it when my eyes trailed up your body and I groaned in disappointment when you finally slipped on a pair of shorts and a tank top.

You winced when you inspected the fresh bruise on your back that you had gotten when Iron Maven hip checked you into the rail and almost knocked you out, when it had happened I wanted to go after Maven and tear the bitch limb from limb, but you were my main concern and I really didn't want to have to deal with Ruthless, because when it comes to Maven, Ruthless lives up to her name and is ruthless and she kind of scares me. Instead of tearing Maven limb from limb I settled on a glare and made sure you were alright.

I have a list of my favourite things and at the very top of that list is you and than roller derby.

You must have heard my groan when you slipped on a pair of shorts and a tank top, because you turned around and smirked at me, you actually smirked at me, well at least I think you smirked at me because I blinked and when looked at you again in it's place was that smile of yours that I love so much.

“What's the matter Franki?” you had asked as you slipped into bed beside me, your the only one that calls me Franki, your the only one that I allow to call me that. I pulled you close “Why do you put clothes on at night?” I had asked, you turned your head to look at me “Because I always plan to go to sleep in them” you had said before kissing me, I smiled into the kiss and pulled you closer.

Somehow your clothes ended up on the floor, later I'll deny having any part in the disappearance of your clothes from your body. I made love to you slowly, tonight was about slowness and gentleness and making you feel good. You had called my name repeatedly when you climaxed, I had smiled down at you, kissed you and told you I loved you.

Now your sleeping, I ghost my fingers over the sheet and smile because I know your body as well as you know mine.

We may be Smashley Simpson and Maggie Mayhem on the track but at home we're just Peggy and Franki.

The Journey
When i was in year 12 i had to do an assignment - we we're studying Physical Journeys and we had to choose a text that related to the concept of The Journey and than we had to write a narrative based around the text we had chosen. i chose Terri Clark's 'A Little Gasoline'

I thought i would share the narrative with you.

I slammed the door closed as i left the house, drowning out Zeke's voice as he kept hurling abuse at me about my desire to sing. I had the voice! I had the talent! I had told Zeke that over a thousand times, he just didn't seem to share my enthusiasm for singing like he used to when we were younger.

Before I walked out the door Zeke yelled "You're never going to make it as a singer", "There's this thing called determination and commitment Zeke. I have it, you used to have it! Before you gave up on your dream of being a singer to become something that wasn't even your dream to be." I said. With those words i left the house, a slight smile on my face, making sure that i slammed the door hard enough to give anybody with a hangover, a blinding headache. Zeke was not able to think of anything to say - except hurl more abuse about me not being able to make my dream come true.

I hated leaving the house with its wide spacey backyard, with the trees that provided shade on the hottest of days and the birds who would whistle along when I sat out in the backyard playing my guitar, singing and writing new songs.

Zeke and I had brought the house on the corner on Cupcake and Oscar Boulevard after out honeymoon; we had only been married a short time, but we had been together since we were teenagers. Zeke did not want me to sing; he had had his chance at going professional and had blown it. He believed I should not be given the chance of fulfilling my dream. The dream that was once his dream too.

After a horrible night on a friend's couch, stewing about how stupid I was not to realize that the reason Zeke did not want me to achieve my dream was because he was jealous that I was the one who was singing and not him. I arrived back home a short time later to confront Zeke about this jealous streak he had towards me. As soon as I walked in the door Zeke started going on about how he should have been the one to sing and not me. I let him keep talking. “Zeke, you're jealous of me” I said once he had paused to take a breath. He laughed, “Me, jealous of you? I doubt it”. “Yes, Zeke you are, you don't want me to have a career” I replied, “I don't want you singing, becoming a professional, I'm the one who should be out there singing, not you” Zeke said angrily. “You had your chance, you blew it. Remember, you were drunk, when you were supposed to be singing”. My reply cut through Zeke like a knife carving a roast turkey. Zeke had spent many years trying to forget the day he blew his chance of becoming a professional singer; I had just gone and made things worse.

Zeke gave me a look that I was certain was a mixture of hatred and jealousy, “I can't live like this, if you are not going to support me in my chosen career path, than I'm leaving”. Zeke seemed to think about his answer before he replied “I was never going to support you, I know you won't make it, you just haven't realized that yet and when you do I will be here to say, I told you so” Zeke paused in his ranting, I think he was letting every thing he had just said to me sink in before he continued. “Get out of this house”. Before I knew what I was doing I was in the bedroom, picking up my guitar and a few bags that were already packed, I had decided to leave sometime ago, I just had not gotten around to telling Zeke, but these arguments between us was the last straw. I left the house on the corner of Cupcake and Oscar Boulevard for the last time, this time when I slammed the door for the final time I made sure the windows rattled to let Zeke know that he was a fool.

Jumping in my sixty seven Camaro, my favourite old car that I had had since I was a teenager, I escaped the binds of a relationship that I had been in since I was a teenager. Driving along Oscar Boulevard heading towards the highway to freedom I started throwing pictures of Zeke and I together, out the window. Watching as the wind scattered them in every direction and I did not look back, I knew I would not like the view.

I headed west, I was not sure where I was going, but I would know as soon as I got there. I did not look back at the house where I thought Zeke and I would grow old together. All I needed was a road and a little gasoline. Driving along thinking about my time with Zeke, I reminded myself that he and I were over, I decided to head for the coast and to clear my head from the memories that swirled around my mind. Cruising along at a good pace, I started thinking of writing a new song to get over my heartbreak and the rage I felt towards Zeke. As my trip continued I completely forgot about the man I had just left, instead of thinking about him, I enjoyed the scenery, little snatches of words for a new song came to me as I drove. “Throwing pictures”, “Burning fumes” were the main ones that jumped out at me. I laughed as I realized that Zeke was wrong I had knew I could sing and that I could go away, become a success and make a life for myself without the help of my jealous husband.

A few days later, I arrived in New Town spotting a flyer on my through that announced a singing competition that night. I decided to enter the competition, booking into the nearest hotel I cleaned up and went off to sing. I was the last entrant that night, I did not know that while I was singing there was an agent in the room until I had finished singing one of my songs that I had written myself, he approached me introduced him self as Mr. Smith “Your voice is amazing. Have you got an agent?”

With those words I knew that I would make my dream come true. Zeke and his jealously could not stop me. My journey from the house on the corner of Cupcake and Oscar Boulevard to the stage proved that I would be bigger than Madonna.

Today i felt irritable and easily annoyed, in class if someone tapped their pen i got annoyed. I didn't even want to go to Tafe today but i go because i have to.

I get the feeling my classmates are homophobic and when they talk about lesbians i feel like hitting them over the head, but i feel like doing that every day, every day one of them asks me what i have for lunch. Seriously why does it concern her as to what i have to eat.

I don't know, like i said i just feel really annoyed today.

Rising Waters Chapter 8A

Fandom: Guiding Light
Pairing: Olivia/Natalia, Doris/Blake, Ashlee/Daisy, Dinah/Sister Ann, (sorta Frank/Rafe)
Rating: Chapter=PG-13/Overall=NC-17

Disclaimers: The characters of Natalia Rivera and Olivia Spencer and other characters of ‘Guiding Light’ are owned by P&G and controlled by Telenext/CBS and no copyright infringement is intended.

A/N: Howdy folks, its been a while since my last post, anyway i'm back, but not with the full chapter just part a, which is better than nothing right? So, anyway, i apologise for how long this took for me to post, it's hard to write when your distracted by smut.
Also there is a little bit of Frank/Rafe, so i apologise if you go blind or something.

Chapter 8 Part A

Doris Wolfe needed information and she needed it immediately, there were two people in Springfield that she could go to for information, Doris opted for the second choice, the first was absolutely out of the question.

Trying to look inconspicuous in a trench coat and Fedora, Doris snuck into Farley's and slid into the seat at the far end of the bar that was in shadows, she spotted Jean at the other end of the bar “Psst Jean, psst” Jean ignored her and continued wiping glasses, Doris drummed her fingers on the bar until Jean finally approached “I need information and your going to give it to me” “What's in it for me?” Doris thought for a second, “What do you want?” Jean looked across the bar and Doris followed her gaze to a booth where Ashlee and Daisy were busy working on their laptops, well Ashlee was working, Daisy was concentrating on the video game she was playing.

“You want a date with Ashlee?” Doris asked rather amused

“I want more than a date” Jean replied her gaze still on Ashlee, Doris just shook her head.

Ashlee looked up from her laptop and over to the bar where Jean was still staring at her “Weird” Ashlee murmured, “What's weird?” Daisy asked not looking up from her laptop “Nothing, it's just.....” “Oh my god, your pregnant aren't you? Who's the father? It had better not be Rafe, if it is I'll hurt him so bad that he won't be able to walk for a month” Daisy glared across the room at Rafe who was sitting next to James, not even listening to what what he was saying, Rafe's eyes were focused on Frank and his tongue was practically hanging out as Frank tried to impress every other gay man in the bar and failing miserably. “What? No, I'm not pregnant, it's just that Jean keeps looking at me like she's hungry and wants to eat me” Ashlee replied closing her laptop “Oh well thats ok than” Daisy said going back to her game.

Ashlee sighed softly, she had expected a different reaction from Daisy 'Maybe I should have said I was pregnant, she did seem to get jealous when she thought I was pregnant, maybe I shou....' Daisy's voice broke into her thoughts “Wait, what? Jean keeps looking at you like she's hungry and wants to eat you... I'm going to go and have a word or two with that bartender” Daisy stood and made her way to the bar, Ashlee watched her go, 'Daisy's wearing those short shorts again, damn I love it when she wears those shorts' Ashlee thought with a dopey smile on her face.

“Daisy won't like it at all” Doris said as Daisy approached the bar “What won't I like?” Daisy asked narrowing her eyes at Jean, “Jean would like to have a date and more with Ashlee” Doris smirked as Daisy's eyes narrowed even more “Thats not going to happen, Doris you don't look very inconspicuous, if you wanted information you should have gone to Blake instead of someone who wants to fuck my girlfriend. Jean, listen good, cause I'm only going to say this once and once only, stop looking at Ashlee like your hungry and want to eat her, I'm the only one who gets to look at her that way, keep your thoughts, your eyes and anything else off of her, if I catch you looking at her that way again I will cut you like a roast turkey, got it?” Jean swallowed and nodded and Daisy made her way back to sit with Ashlee, Daisy kissed Ashlee for several seconds, before grabbing her hand and pulling her out of Farleys.

Doris finally got what she wanted from Jean after she turned down her offer of setting her up on date with Dinah and gladly accepted the $30,000 Doris offered to get the information that she wanted. As Doris went to walk past a darkened booth an arm reached and pulled her in and than she was being kissed and hands were running over her breasts and thighs reacquainting themselves with her body. Doris knew those hands and lips they belonged to none other than Blake Marler.

Doris moaned when Blake nibbled on her bottom lip and sighed when Blake pulled back “Go sit on the other side of the table, we need to talk and we wont be talking if you keep sitting that close to me” Doris tried to protest but a sharp look from Blake made her move to the other side of the table “Your going to Jean for information now?” Doris shrugged “I thought with the way I ended things between us, that going to you for information was out of the question, Blake, I got scared and left you because Olivia and Natalia were fighting all the time and I thought that would happen to us, so I thought if I left be it did, it would never happen. I'm such an idiot”

Blake moved around the table and wiped away the tear that threatened to fall, “It's ok Doris, I know you got scared, but its going to be ok, you did what you thought you needed to do and I understand that, I'm in love with you and that's never going to change” Doris gave Blake a small smile “I'm in love with you too” Doris said before Blake kissed her again.

Their kiss was interrupted by a girlish squeal from across the room, Looking over they saw Frank down on one knee and Rafe jumping about. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, yes, yes i'll marry you Frankie” Rafe jumped in Frank's arms and shoved his tongue down he's throat.

Doris shuddered before focusing her attention back to Blake, she attached her lips to Blake's throat and Blake closed her eyes, opening them when they were told to get a room. Blake glared at Dinah as her and Sister Ann slid into the booth holding hands, “Good to see you two back together” Sister Ann said, threading her fingers through Dinah's, Doris sighed, removed her lips from Blake's throat and played with Blake's empty beer bottle wishing people would leave them alone.

“You and Sister Ann are together as in together?” Blake asked Dinah, Doris continued playing with the empty bottle. “You didn't know?” Blake went to answer, but Doris interrupted her. “How could I know that your with Sister Ann, when you were sleeping with me, that day both of you came to my office, you seduced me, you used me just to get laid, Natalia was right about you” Doris stood, placed the empty bottle she still held carefully back on the table and left Farley's kicking herself for not realizing she was being used for sex.

Blake shook her head at Dinah, shot Sister Ann a death glare "I wonder what Father Ray would say if he found out that when your on your knees, Sister, your not praying" Blake shot them both a look, avoided Frank and Rafe groping each other and followed Doris out of Farley's.
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